RDM can provide customized electronic weekly updates in a format that meets each clients’ needs. 

  • Updates in Excel format (e-mailed weekly)
  • Customized report includes parameters that each vendor selects:
    • How many out of stocks?
    • How many shelf tags were installed on this visit?
    • How many cases did the store order?
    • What is the section size?
    • Competitive information
    • What member of store management did RDM contact?
    • Comments regarding the difference RDM made on each call

RDM creates customized Retail Forms that include all of the information relevant to each retail project. All Retail Forms are designed specifically to address the goals of each project and ensure the necessary information is captured that will best assist our clients.

An account-specific RDM Call Report is completed at the conclusion of each service call.

Each Call Report lists the authorized items and their respective order codes.

Specific data such as section size is captured during each visit. Each store must sign and store stamp the Call Report for proof of the visit.

RDM utilizes customized Status Reports that summarize the status of each project for each client. Every status report is specifically tailored to provide individualized information for all projects we conduct. This allows us to deliver current, precise information to our clients based on their actual needs.

RDM develops individual Retail Route Sheets for every RDM Retail Associate to define the projects they are expected to complete. Retail Route Sheets are designed to minimize travel times and maximize on-location retail services. New Route Sheets are issued on a monthly basis to guarantee that Retail Associates have the most current schedule of projects.

RDM utilizes proprietary Microsoft mapping software to ensure our retail personnel are efficiently deployed for all projects. Mapping software is used to minimize travel times by assigning calls to Retail Associates based on their location and the most effective travel routes in those areas.

Updates in Excel and Customized Reports Available at an additional fee.

The Difference Is In The Detail!