Holiday & Weekend Surge Coverage

Many categories experience increased sales and higher out of stocks during weekends and the holidays

RDM is ready to conduct “holiday and weekend surge coverage” for your company and brand.

  • Any retailer in the Southeast US including
    • Drug, Food, Mass, Dollar & Club Stores
  • All Categories including
    • Beer, Wine & Spirits
    • Consumables, Dairy, Fresh, Frozen & Grocery
    • Non-Consumables, HBC, GM, OTC & Personal Care
  • Professional, well-trained, properly attired representation

During the Holidays and Weekend Surge Coverage RDM representatives will:

  • Check in with store management upon arrival
  • Ensure tags are installed for all items
  • Verify all items are on the shelf and¬†identify “Out of Stocks”
  • Fill the shelf and promotional displays from the back room
  • Take digital photos of every section
  • Discuss all issues and suggested orders¬†with store management
  • Report all activities on-line the day of the activity
  • The RDM management audits & tracks all retail coverage daily
  • Communicate important information to Retailers and Clients